In Summer 2014, Whole Foods Market announced that they were embarking on a pilot campaign to begin selling rabbit meat at a handful of locations around the country. Since that time, they have expanded from their initial two regions to eight regions – most of North America.

Rabbits are America’s third most beloved companion mammal, and are not protected by any state or federal laws which protect other animals raised and killed for meat. While Whole Foods Market has developed a set of “humane standards” governing the raising and killing of their rabbits, these standards do not mean that what happens to these baby rabbits, the same breeds that are kept in our homes as pets, killed at approximately 8-10 weeks, is good. They are removed from their families, transported to a slaughterhouse where many will die during the stresses of transport, where they will wait at the slaughterhouse, watching others of their kind have their necks slit, until they themselves are killed.

Whole Foods Market has made the decision to raise and kill approximately 1200 rabbits per week simply to give their customers one new meat animal to eat, and to give themselves another profit stream, even though sales numbers clearly show that the people who are clamoring for this new meat are clearly a minority. Even so, if Whole Foods sticks to their course, and continues to sell rabbit meat, thus building a new demand for rabbit meat, not only will thousands more rabbits die, but other grocery chains that do not at this point sell rabbit meat may decide to follow Whole Foods’ example (Whole Foods Market is not only the number one most profitable natural food retailer in the United States, it is the eighth most profitable grocery store in the country) and start selling rabbit meat themselves. The results will be disastrous for rabbits.

We are asking all Whole Foods customers to express their displeasure with Whole Foods’ decision to sell rabbit meat by boycotting the store and by informing other Whole Foods customers, and Whole Foods management, why they are no longer shopping there.

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