A powerful video from Venus the Bunny.

Whole Foods Market prides itself on its “Humane” Animal Welfare Standards. They chose, however, to source their latest addition to their meat counter in states with Ag-Gag laws that disallow visits from the public. While they paint a picture of a small Amish Family Farm in Iowa where their rabbits are raised, they are getting them from a very large meat distributor who sources their bunnies from breeders, in addition to Amish Farms (often cited for violations for puppy mill operations). Iowa Rabbit, Whole Foods Market’s supplier for their rabbit meat, own every aspect of the operation from marketing and distribution, to the slaughterhouse . They are a rabbit killing conglomerate, FAR FROM a small family farm. While Whole Foods’ standards might influence certain aspects of raising the rabbits, the slaughter standards and methods are the same. They can’t change the way the bunnies’ experience fear, pain, and death. That is universally the same and universally cruel. This is an accurate picture of what the bunnies experience.

Please ask Whole Foods Market to stop killing bunnies.

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