adlerWe’ve written about the article in Vogue’s October issue (“Is Rabbit the New Ethical Meat?”) about how rabbit meat is an “ethical meat” and called out Vogue, which regularly features fur in its pages, for its hypocrisy in even attempting to make a statement about what is and isn’t ethical with respect to animals and animal welfare.

But what we didn’t realize at the time was that Tamar Adler, the article’s writer, isn’t just a freelance writer. She’s a paid shill for Whole Foods. In fact, the article was placed in Vogue as part of Whole Foods’ public relations strategy to ensure that the public begin to think that rabbit meat is ethical, when it clearly is not (see our articles on how rabbits for Whole Foods are raised and slaughtered).  Adler  teaches cooking classes at Whole Foods, and has a long time association with the company.

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