by Jill Silva

Jasper was one of four meat rabbits rescued by Rabbit Ears in El Cerrito, California in January 2013. My teenage daughter was working there at the time and when I came in to visit I saw Jasper and his siblings. I entered his x-pen to pet him and he flinched and tensed up. He had me right there. He needed a lot of love and I had it to give. I soon discovered that he relished being held and cuddled.

Jasper now lives happily with a family of 5 humans, 2 dogs, 2 parrots and 6 other buns. He enjoys everyone except the other buns. He prefers to stay bonded with his mama. His favorite activity is being wrapped in a warm blanket and being hugged and bounced softly. His favorite food is fresh pineapple.

For Jasper

A gentle hand for your tender heart
Adopting you was my honor from start

As we erase the fear from your memory
You are finally at home
Where you’re meant to be

You give me your trust and a knowing look
Parsley, kale or romaine
I am such a good cook

My big red boy you are a sight to see
A more handsome fellow there could never be

You toss your silly head as you leap in the air
And I giggle each time at your extraordinary flare

Once it’s time to settle and you relax next to me
We’re both so content with divine destiny.

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