RAN logo SQUARERabbit Advocacy Network was started as a Facebook group by SaveABunny to fight the sale of rabbit meat. It was re-awakened in May 2014 by SaveABunny volunteer Tara Baxter in response to Whole Foods’ decision to begin selling rabbit meat. It then grew into a consortium of rabbit rescue groups working together to end the selling of rabbit meat by Whole Foods.

On International Rabbit Day in 2014, Tara Baxter, Marcy Schaaf, President of SaveABunny, and Margo DeMello, President of House Rabbit Society, met in St. Louis, and decided to form a Board of Directors and incorporate Rabbit Advocacy Network as a nonprofit corporation in order to better fight the exploitation of rabbits.

Rabbit Advocacy Network’s mission is:

To act on behalf of rabbits who are exploited in all realms, including meat and fur farming, over-breeding, cruelty, and neglect. RAN has chosen rabbits as our target species because of the multiple venues in which they are exploited; however we are against the exploitation of all animal species.

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