Whole Foods has launched a new campaign called “Values Matter.” In this campaign, which refers to their produce, flowers, and even the meat that they serve, they claim to be selling products that are produced in accordance with the values that Whole Foods, and the company’s customers, supports. When it comes to animals, their “manifesto” says that they want the animals that their food comes from “to be treated fairly.”

What does that mean for rabbits? We’ve looked at their animal welfare standards for rabbits, and here’s what it means:

  • a 2 foot by 2 foot space for an adult breeding rabbit to live in
  • breeding rabbits can be kept in groups or individually
  • babies are weaned at 30 days
  • mothers are re-bred every 30 days
  • babies are killed at 8 weeks old
  • There is no federal or state requirement that either living conditions nor slaughter conditions are monitored for humane treatment; the only monitor present during slaughter monitors for food safety, not humane treatment of animals

Whose values do these “animal welfare standards” reflect, Whole Foods?



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