What do some of Whole Foods’ employees think about the sale of rabbit meat in their stores? While certainly their opinions differ among their thousands of employees, many of them have been speaking out on social media and showing the world where their values lie, and they certainly are not in line with Whole Foods’ alleged corporate values. Here are some of them:


From an employee who works in the seafood department at Whole Foods in Newport Beach.



A Whole Foods employee tells someone her pet looks tasty on Instagram.

photo (2)

A similar message from the same employee.


From a meat cutter who works at Whole Foods Palo Alto who thinks that the animals Whole Foods is selling are jack rabbits (who are hares, a wild animal native to the United States) and not rabbits, a domesticated animal native to Europe and raised in factory farms.


From a customer who when questioning Whole Foods’ decision has been laughed at by the store’s butcher.

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