Central Grocers, Inc. (brand name Centrella) is a member owned grocery wholesaler, worth $2.0 billion, which supplies over 400 independent grocery retailers in the Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.
Central Grocers sells rabbit meat, which means that all 400 stores that they provide groceries for have access to rabbit meat as well.

A Chinese rabbit meat farm

Their rabbit meat comes from China, where there are NO humane laws, so the rabbits suffer horrifically during their short lives and brutal deaths. Rabbit meat from China is also not USDA-inspected.


A rabbit suffering on a Chinese meat farm

If we can successfully get Central Grocers to stop offering rabbit meat to their member stores, the rabbit meat will be virtually eliminated (except in restaurants) from Illinois.

Please contact Central Grocers and politely ask that they reconsider selling rabbit meat. Please let them know that Whole Foods stopped selling it in 2015 and 2016, as did a number of independent grocery stores in the Chicago area, such as Tony’s Finer Foods, Roundys.com, Treasure Island,Valli Fresh, Angela Caputos, Strack n VanTil and Ultra Foods.

You can contact them through their website here.

You can contact them via mail here:

Central Grocers
2600 West Haven Avenue
Joliet, IL 60433

You can contact them by phone here: 815-553-8800 or fax here: 815-553-8710

You can also send an email directly to the President of Central Grocers, Ken Nemeth, via his assistant, Sandra Tineo at stineo@central-grocers.com.
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