Friends of rabbits who live in California (or have caring relatives/friends who do) –🐰

There’s a bill making its way through the Assembly, called AB44, which would ban animal fur in California. BUT, agribusinesses are lobbying for an exemption for rabbit fur, claiming that they’re already killing the rabbits for meat, so they might as well sell the pelts.

The problem with this is that rabbit meat isn’t very popular, so if rabbit fur becomes the ONLY kind of fur allowed in California, it’ll dramatically increase the number of rabbits who are killed. Instead of rabbits being raised for meat, it’ll be rabbits being raised for fur. Please speak up to prevent this! Call your Assembly member:

You can also call the author of the bill, Laura Friedman, at this number: Phone: 916-319-2043

Share with your friends too! Hopefully we can press them to get rid of the exemption for rabbit fur!

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